Updated: Nov 18, 2018

We’ve been lucky enough to work with clients who want to give their homes a burst of personality. Our clients have chosen to make this happen through selecting plumbing and light fixtures that are totally unique, and many of them have jumped on the matte black or gold train...and it’s a good train to be on!

Our next obsession in plumbing is a colour that Kallista released. It’s called ‘bronze’ but it’s bronze like we’ve never seen it before! Its the perfect blend of black and gold, giving a more masculine feel that gold seemed to lack.

Kallista is a luxury brand that is a part of the Kohler family and we love that the colour is both unique, and belongs to a name we trust.

Typically, when we select plumbing and lighting fixtures, we make sure they match or compliment each other in finish. With this bronze being so unique, matching it will be nearly impossible. When mixing metals, it’s important to full from undertones to create an overall cohesive look.

You can incorporate the new bronze finish in your own home by switching out your plumbing fixtures, adding new handles to your kitchen cabinets or even updating some decorative lighting. Here are some light fixtures we think would be a perfect fit for this style and finish:

Hudson Valley, Lambert (Aged Brass) | Tech Lighting, Capsian Grande | Feiss, Cadence (Antique Brass/Matte Black)

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