Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Call us crazy, but we think pink (yes, pink!) is the perfect accent color to bring into your home. Pink is often considered only suitable for little girl's rooms, when in fact there are many shades of pink that can be used to set the tone for adult spaces as well!

We love the mix of peach, grey and white used in this living room by Binti Homes.

Architectural consultant Bonnie Krims notes that if you find yourself leaning towards white walls, you should consider a trying pink. Stay away from bubblegum pink and select a color with some grey in it like Behr My Sweetheart RD-W3 or Almond Kiss RD-W13. [hgtv - behind the colour pink]

Using blush pink or rose tones can help you create a soothing, soft interior with a freshness that designers like us love!

Contrary to popular belief, pink doesn't have to feel overly girly! It often adds the perfect compliment to whites and greys, and "when paired with a masculine hue like navy blue, pink can add a feminine balance." [hgtv - behind the colour pink]

Subtle hints of pink mixed in with grey white and black softens the space.

How adorable is this pink door?

If painting your walls peach or buying a blush couch is a just a little too much for you, considering bringing in the blush tones with lighting and hardware! Rose gold lamps, cabinet pulls and accessories are much easier to come by than they once were. Look for small accessories like candles, clocks and even glassware to bring blush pink into your space without having to invest too much into the items.

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