Updated: Nov 18, 2018

If you are thinking about renovating a bathroom or kitchen in your home, one of the biggest decisions to make is what kind of countertop you will be selecting. Trust us when we say that choosing between quartz, marble and granite can be really confusing and overwhelming for home owners! In order to help you avoid making a very expensive mistake, we have put together a guide/cheat sheet to help you navigate the various characteristics of these countertop options!


If you are going for an elegant, timeless look, marble is for you. Made of metamorphosed limestone or dolomite rock, each slab is unique. Marble is very expensive, requires maintenance and regular sealing because it can stain if acidic materials are left on the surface. If you want to use marble in a steam shower, we recommend that you think twice about that. The porousness of marble can adversely alter the effectiveness of your steam and may require extra care due to the steam.


Granite is very hard stone and 100% natural. Each slab is mined from quarries, cut down to a slab size, polished and finished. Granite can be quite expensive but each slab is unique and comes in a large variety of colors and patterns. It is very durable but it is porous, meaning that countertops should be resealed periodically to avoid staining.


Quartz is quickly becoming a favourite of ours at the studio. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns including many solids and marble or stone-looking options as well. It is made from a combination of 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. This results in a product that is sealed/non-porous and harder than granite and marble. Quartz is maintenance free and fairly easy to repair. With all of these benefits, quartz does come at a cost. Solids are usually fairly affordable but the marble and stone-looking quartz options can actually be just as expensive as stone.


So some of you might be thinking "what about laminate? Concrete? soapstone?" And its true - there are many alternative countertop options out there that we did not touch on today. We find that most of our clients are most confused over choosing between quartz, marble and granite so that is what we have focused on for this post, but stay tuned for a similar guideline on the many other countertop options!

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