Updated: Nov 18, 2018

People always ask us what the next trend in interiors is going to be. “Is gold really back?” was one of the most common questions we heard last year. YES it’s back - and its perfect.

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Navigating trends are one of the most challenging and fun parts of our work as designers...but forecasting is straight up tricky! Last year the trend was grey on grey, last month it was navy, and yesterday it was macrame. It is difficult to get a handle on what everyone will be swooning over in the next year. While being on top of the trend is important, we also believe that you should fill your home with pieces you will absolutely LOVE for years.

It might feel trendy, but stoneware and ceramics were the go-to purchase for home goods in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, we know at least a few of our friends have already been gifted their parents set of ceramics! Stick with classic white, black or grey (with a touch of personality) when it comes to your ceramics, for an updated take on this classic. Here are some amazing local Calgary artisans that we are crushing on in the world of ceramics and pottery:

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If you live in Calgary and are interested in getting your hands dirty to create your own classic pieces, you may want to check out a ceramics class at Workshop Studios Calgary. "Workshop is an open-access facility that houses creative studios, and a ceramics facility. We offer individual studios, memberships to our ceramic studio as well as ceramic classes, workshops and events." Grab your bae, best friend, or take some solo time to create some stoneware you can love for a long time! Follow the link below for class dates, descriptions and prices.

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