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hella what?

The name Hella is also of Greek origin linked to hêlios - meaning sun ray, prosperous and successful. We choose this name because we hope to act as a ray of sunshine during a time which can often be quite stressful - undergoing a design project!

Charlotte Moss said it best, but the problem is that not everyone is a writer. That is where Hella comes in! We are experts in design and love getting to know you so we can create the absolute best space for you.

Think of us as your ghost writers - our goal is to create a setting that supports the life you want to live. It is up to you to write the story of your life, but we can help to make sure that dated kitchen, awful mudroom, or dark office don't become the antagonist of your day-to-day.

Rehanna & Breanna - Hella Design Studio
Top view - Breanna and Rehanna working at a desk

the team

Breanna Lukacsy

Breanna has a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Royal University in Applied Interior Design and is an expert in customer service and business coaching. She is a super strong team leader with a passion for restaurant design and connecting with local businesses. 

Rehanna Hartung


Rehanna has a Bachelors Degree of Environmental Design and a Masters of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She has also earned her status as a Professional Interior Designer through the NCIDQ. Rehanna has a keen eye for detail and loves the challenge of renovation projects. 

Mount Douglas Residence

what our clients say

"I had a great experience working with Hella Design Studio. They had wonderful ideas and worked within my budget. They were always quick to respond when I had questions. I highly recommend this design team. Professional, friendly, talented, great ideas!"

— Angela Ruzycki

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