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hella what?

The name Hella is also of Greek origin linked to hêlios - meaning sun ray, prosperous and successful. We choose this name because we hope to act as a ray of sunshine during a time which can often be quite stressful - undergoing a design project!

Breanna Lukacsy

Breanna has a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Royal University in Applied Interior Design and is an expert in customer service and business development. She is a super strong team leader with a passion for restaurant design and connecting with local businesses. 

Rehanna Hartung


Rehanna has a Bachelors Degree of Environmental Design and a Masters of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She has also earned her status as a Professional Interior Designer through the NCIDQ. Rehanna has a keen eye for detail and loves the challenge of renovation projects. 

Re+B_2023_2 (1).jpg
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